We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Imran Selimkhanov

Partner - Client Happiness

Imran is your business’s voice and advocate within Productive Shop, he brings over 9 years of senior management experience both in project management and account management to ensure that your requirements are met with precision. A serial entrepreneur that is also a fanatic about eCommerce. Prior to his digital business career, Imran served in the Canadian Armed Forces and is big on loyalty, integrity and humility.


Eugene Volkov

Partner - Practicality Man

Eugene brings with him 10 years of operations experience and Productive Shop is his second business venture. When it comes to massive ideas, Eugene is the resident expert at chunking them out into achievable and realistic steps. He started his career as a PPC and SEO specialist and is still in love with those two to this day.


Sergei S

CODE - Chief Cyborg

Sergei heads all development & architecture operations, he’s the man with the plan to make the impossible happen. Sergei brings over 15 years of coding experience from various European agencies and contract work.


Dimitry Brown

ART - Chief Doodler

Dimitry heads all of design efforts at Productive Shop, if Michelangelo and Dimitry were not 500 years apart, they’d probably be best buds driving the world insane with incredible artwork that inspires people to do more.


Anatoly M

SEARCH - SEO Consultant

Anatoly get’s a kick out of getting your business found at the top of search engine pages, he’s also uber good at Organic SEO. He’s got over 8 years of SEO experience, that’s the time before SEO was known as SEO 🙂


Vitaly P

LOGIC - User Experience Developer

Vitaly has 6 years of experience as a front end coder and experience rainmaker, his focus is to ensure your business’s stellar UX drives conversions through the roof, period. Vitaly focuses on pushing seamless User Experience to the limit to get the oos and the ahhs from your clientele.

Max A

Max A

CODE - PHP & CMS Developer

Max has been coding as long as he’s been walking, his passion is web development and CMS enhancements & scratch builds. Got website troubles or simply think something is impossible with your current CMS? He probably already found a solution.

Roman B

Roman B

CODE - Senior Web Developer

Roman is simply your dedicated developer for anything Web, with 14 years of experience he’s got building and maintaining your website down packed to a science.

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