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Work with a WordPress design agency to build your B2B lead gen machine

You need a B2B WordPress design agency with a deep understanding of UX trends to get you a fast, mobile responsive website that is easy to navigate. We’ll help you with an on-brand design, resonating content, best practice coding and search engine optimization (SEO) to prompt users to action and boost your lead generation.

Wordpress website design agency
If your website is not effectively communicating your brand to its target audience or you are experiencing a decline in conversions, you may be in need of an upgrade.

Website redesign: Is it time for a revamp?

The top indicators that your website is due for a WordPress redesign are:

  • User difficulty navigating your site
  • Generally outdated look and feel
  • Visually unappealing or unresponsive on mobile
  • Non-compliance with SEO best practices
  • Change in direction, messaging or ideal client

What a WordPress website design service should include

WordPress design is much more than experimenting with fonts, colors and images until you find what works. You need to easily differentiate from your competition, capture leads’ attention with your brand identity and unique designs, retain interest with user experience logic and convert with light interactive touches that nudge users to action. 

Here’s a snapshot of what to look out for in a WordPress design solution:

What WordPress design results should look like ✅

You’re on the right track with designs that:

  • Direct visitors with user-friendly navigation
  • Follow UX best practices for a seamless browsing experience 
  • Align with your marketing and sales goals
  • Emphasize the product and its benefits to your buyer personas 
  • Are consistent and lightweight (writing style, font, branding) 
  • Drive brand knowledge and conversions with engaging content
  • Are responsive and have third-party entity integrations
  • Have clear CTAs that lead users to the desired action

What WordPress design results should not look like 🚩

Avoid WordPress web design services that: 

  • “Save time” with standard WordPlates templates or visual builders for pages 
  • Have a confusing navigation menu
  • Use stock images or contextually irrelevant illustrations
  • Discourage users from completing actions with more than two steps to the result
  • Portray inconsistency and conflicting messaging due to the lack of a brand book 
  • Use weighty visuals that reduce site speed
  • Are not optimized for phones and tablets
  • Fail to be accessible (low contrast in color design, small fonts)
  • Prioritize humor or wit over clarity for CTAs

Partnering with our WordPress website design company: What should you expect?

From greenfield builds on WordPress to alignment with your internal team in designing a high-converting B2B website, we’re the one-stop shop for the job. 

Productive Shop brings to the table:

WordPress expertise

Design best practices



Work with a team who understands the intricacies of the platform

For each design project, our team of seasoned SEO consultants, designers and copywriters collaborate to ensure your WordPress website is functional, visually beautiful and compelling. Our web development team leverages lightweight WordPress integrations, which enhance your UX and provide interactive capabilities to fully translate your brand and product values.

Launch with exceptional web design and usability

With an evolving design landscape, we stay on top of UX trends so that you remain ahead of the competition in a digital-first world. And we’ll run mood board exercises and conceptual wireframing to ensure we capture your vision of how you’d like your solution to be presented.

Save time with extra pairs of hands

Your team has got a lot of internal projects and you’re looking for a cost-efficient web design service to capture your updated messaging. We’re ready to swoop in and quickly build interactive pages on WordPress to support your digital marketing campaigns and present the new you.

Increase conversions with our proven track record

Stop losing valuable leads because your site didn’t meet the expectation of what it should have looked like. We take our time to understand the business and make sure your site is credible, easy to navigate and on-trend. Curious as to what we’ve done? Read our B2B case studies.

I want custom visual designs to reflect my brand identity, improve user experience and optimize for conversions.

Build an impactful site with our custom WordPress design services

A WordPress website that converts goes beyond impactful visuals. As a B2B marketing consultancy with expertise in WordPress, we help you develop a memorable online presence in addition to pixel-perfect designs.

See what our web design process looks like:

  • You schedule a call with our team.
  • We conduct an audit of your website, gather requirements and define the project scope. 
  • You review the scope along with our work agreement.
  • We schedule a kickoff, set up the team to build your site and conduct research.
  • You provide us with existing brand books and SME interviews to clarify messaging. 
  • We build the wireframing, content and SEO strategy for your review.
  • You provide feedback on all design, copy and SEO tasks — and we finalize them accordingly.
  • We code your pages and get set for staging and content migration
  • You review the product page layout. We make changes and you approve. 
  • We push your pages live, inspect your site for quality assurance (QA) and conduct UAT.
  • You launch your brand new site and convert visitors
  • We provide web maintenance support to keep your site competitive.

Ready to improve your WordPress site with resonating pages that boost conversions?

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Frequently asked questions

What are the signs of a high-impact WordPress design?

You have a high-impact WordPress design when your website: 

  • Reflects your current brand identity and messaging.
  • Is easy to navigate and edit.
  • Has top-notch security and follows development best practices. 
  • Is mobile-responsive out of the box.
  • Has load time and web performance above 80 lighthouse scores.
  • Shows up in search results for relevant industry keywords.
  • Has a world-class resource center UX that generates leads.

How long does it usually take to design a B2B WordPress site?

Building and designing a B2B WordPress site for a tech startup can take anywhere from three to six months. 

This timeline depends on:

  • Scope of the project
  • Availability of brand book and writing style guide
  • Availability of your internal resources
  • Approval process
  • Multi-language requirements 
  • Integration of third-party tools

What is the cost of redesigning an existing WordPress website?

A custom WordPress design service can range from $25,000 to $150,000. Web design costs can be determined by domain acquisition, template creation, web content, app integrations, branding, internal team capacity and SEO.

Is WordPress design easy?

The ease of designing a WordPress website depends on your level of experience with web design and development. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows you to create a website without extensive coding knowledge — if you’re using a popular builder template.

The free and premium WordPress themes can serve as a foundation for your design but outputting a site with impactful visuals and structure depends on your skill level and familiarity with web design principles.

If you have experience with HTML, CSS and web design, you can create custom themes and designs for your WordPress website. However, if you’re new to web design and development, you may find it challenging to design a custom WordPress website from scratch.

What are the best practices of B2B web design?

The best practices of B2B web design aim to educate viewers and enhance visitors’ experiences with interactivity and responsiveness. 

Your B2B web design should also:

  • Keep the target audience in mind.
  • Develop and maintain consistent branding.
  • Create a compelling call to action (CTA).
  • Demonstrate your expertise with educational content.
  • Be safe to implement to ensure site security.
  • Make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Be easy to navigate.
  • Be lightweight to ensure your site is fast. 

🖋️Check out the 10 design principles all web teams should follow.

I use WordPress templates for my site. How will high design quality improve my marketing?

High design quality can improve your marketing efforts because it will help enhance user experience and make a positive impression on your target audience. Visitors can access information easily, leading to higher engagement and conversions. 

In addition to setting you apart from competitors, high-quality designs communicate your brand’s personality, values and message more effectively. When your pages are well-designed, you also increase brand recognition and trust.

How do I redesign my WordPress site without impacting SEO?

You can rebuild your WordPress website without affecting your SEO by redesigning it on a staging URL. This environment is a clone of your live website used to preview how the site will look and behave before making the new design changes.  

After staging, follow this website migration process (for existing sites) to go live.

I have a site that I love. Can Productive Shop help with specific pages I’m not so fond of?

Of course. We can help you redesign and optimize existing web pages, create new pages and conduct an audit to discover pages you need but don’t have, such as 404 pages.

Can you work with my in-house design team?

Yes. Productive Shop can work with your in-house design team to create a WordPress site that is responsive, accessible and fast. We use task management and collaboration platforms to interact regularly with your UX and content teams to provide extra capacity and complete the web redesign process.

Looking to maintain the WordPress website I currently have. Can you help?

Yes, we can. As your website support partner, we keep your site at peak performance and optimize periodically for UX and conversions. From adding new page templates, images and copy updates to UX and interactivity fixes, we follow the best branding and development practices when making continuous adjustments to your site. 

See how we keep your website outperforming the competition with our web maintenance plans.

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