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Maintaining an updated and secure website can be a challenging task, particularly for startups and new businesses launching from scratch. To compete with established companies in the U.S. market, it’s essential to ensure that your website meets the needs of your customers and search engines — and even surpasses expectations. Having a dependable partner to assist with website support can provide a significant competitive advantage.

website maintenance pricing

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Frequently asked questions

Why pay for website maintenance?

To ensure the optimal performance of your website, it is essential to regularly update and maintain it. By doing so, you can enhance site security, attract new visitors and increase returning traffic. Neglecting to update and maintain your website can result in a decline in visitors, harm your reputation and even impact your company’s financial performance.

How much does it cost to maintain a website monthly?

The cost of website maintenance is typically influenced by factors such as website type, traffic volume and the content management system (CMS) used. For enterprise-level websites, the monthly cost can range from $5,000 to $12,500 (USD), depending on the specific services provided and the average hourly rate for website maintenance. 

These services may include website hosting, user experience optimization, conversion rate optimization, adding new components, security, project management and other related tasks. For more information, please refer to the detailed table provided above.

Should I handle website maintenance myself or hire a website maintenance company?

Maintaining an enterprise website requires a team of professionals, not just one person. Incorrect maintenance can result in serious consequences, such as lost leads or ecommerce sales, leading to financial loss. By hiring a website maintenance company, you can benefit from a faster turnaround, get the expertise of industry professionals and ensure high-quality upkeep and reliable support if issues arise.

What happens if a plugin or theme update breaks my site?

Plugin and theme updates can have different consequences from poor performance to breaking down of the website.  To prevent crashes and quickly restore your site’s most recent version, it’s important to have an automatic backup service running. Additionally, updating core files, themes or plugins may cause other aspects of the site to malfunction. In such cases, it’s possible to revert to a prior version of the plugin, theme or even the WordPress core version until a solution is found.

What happens if my site suffers a cyberattack?

There are many signs that a website has suffered a cyberattack. Malicious actors can deface the website, mine cryptocurrencies, hijack the website and redirect to somewhere else, where they could steal the personal information provided by users. 

One of the ways to find out is by receiving a security issue message in the search console. A breached website can result in a loss of organic traffic, conversions and the ability to log in to the admin panel. Additionally, confidential data and personal information of visitors may be compromised, potentially leading to financial losses from online accounts, among other issues.

How many support requests can I submit each month?

The number of issue investigation requests depends on the plan you choose with Productive Shop. Typically, our price to maintain a website covers up to three requests in the influencer package and up to six requests in the enterprise package at no additional cost. If the issue requires more extensive analysis and investigation, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost to resolve the issue.

Does my subscription cover theme and plugin license renewals?

No, Productive Shop’s average monthly website maintenance fees don’t include plugins or license renewals. We only ensure the themes and plugins are up-to-date and running smoothly as expected.

Can you help me with SEO?

Yes. Our search engine optimization (SEO) team has a wealth of experience and expertise in various areas, including business analysis, research methods, website architecture, project management and on-page optimization.

In addition, Productive Shop provides a top-notch SEO editorial calendar and content writing designed to convert. Our experienced writers specialize in the B2B SaaS industry and can plan, research, write, edit and optimize copy for blog posts, landing pages, white papers and more.

What are your support hours?

Productive Shop’s support plans start at 16 hours per month for reliable design and development support.

Why is WordPress maintenance important?

As one of the most popular CMS, WordPress is under the microscope of a lot of attackers finding and exploding new vulnerabilities. WordPress team put out regular updates to make sure they remediate any vulnerabilities discovered in previous releases. 

What's typically included in the WordPress maintenance plan?

Regular updates to the core system and plugins, database maintenance, setup https if needed, two-factor authentication (2FA) setup, web vulnerability scanning and plugin compatibility checking are among the most critical issues to address. WordPress website maintenance cost usually covers all mentioned issues. We typically perform a comprehensive review of all installed plugins and remove any unnecessary or vulnerable plugins to ensure website performance is good and secure.

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