Why is competitor analysis so important?

Identifying, analyzing and reporting on your competitors

In an established market, knowing how and where your competition invests their organic and paid efforts will help you build a more intelligent strategy. We’ll help identify hidden opportunities to gain back share of voice. Our analyst team leaves no stone unturned to give you an edge when building your paid ads, editorial and competitive SEO strategies.

Discovering how competitors generate traffic

There are many effective traffic generation strategies, so how do you know which one to select for your specific use case? By conducting organic market research and competitor keyword research, we’ll help you understand what type of projects to take on first to maximize marketing ROI. This way, you’ll know how many landing pages, blogs, articles and commissioned reports should be outputted monthly.

Understanding in-category strengths

After understanding how rivals build traffic, it’s time to dig deeper into their specific topics of interest. Whether it’s evident or not, we’ll identify themes/clusters of topics that your competitors value the most. This way, you’ll get to choose whether to invest in a race or outpace them by exploiting gaps in their strategic thinking.

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Content Analysis

To understand what your audience wants to read, listen and watch, you need to analyze thousands of information sources first, then build a resonating editorial calendar. We’ll help you identify and build a competitive content strategy by analyzing what the market is consuming and what your competitors value the most. This way, every dollar of your content budget has a compounding effect.

Know what backlink sources they value

Generating backlinks is an important lifeline for SEO. Did you know that it can also help you build better relationships with industry partners? We’ll help you identify the websites and exact pages and text to get a backlink from in order to help increase your domain reputation and topic relevancy. Backlinking is tough, but we make it less so with a proven method designed to build win-win industry relationships.

Identify publishers they invest in the most

We’ve gently touched on this topic above. However, this one is for your PR team. As an output of B2B market research and strategy, you’ll get a list of the top paid sources to help with a continuous share of voice upkeep. This data will help you keep your PR budget in check while investing in sources that your audience actually reads.

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Utilizing Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT) to lead the way

The members of our team aren’t new to OSINT – but why are so many teams shocked to hear this “new” term? Because it isn’t openly used in sales or marketing yet. Gaining prominence in the intelligence community, OSINT is geared toward identifying and analyzing publicly available information to make sense of competitor trends and movements. This enables proactive and strategic decision-making.

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A smart competitive research stack goes a long way

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Services you’ll likely want to pair with B2B market research

Web development & design

To ensure your local search campaign works wonders, you’ll first need to build a converting website. A great site unlocks more searchers to find you and convert faster.

Editorial guidance

No one will ever explain a product better than your product team can. We’ll work with your copy team to build a tandem timeline and detailed content outlines built specifically to boost content SEO.

Link building

Your PR budget could go a long way. We utilize our network of trusted publishers to maximize clean link-building efforts, which will help your brand build sway power.

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