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Being a new CMO at a growing SaaS company isn’t a walk in the park, but having a reliable partner with a demand generation mindset makes the job (much) easier.

Which digital workstream will get me the most leads in the next two quarters?

How SEO assists with
B2B lead generation

B2B purchasers do their research and comparison shopping via browser
(i.e. Google, Mozilla, Edge) and comparison sites (i.e. Gartner, G2) before they engage your sales team via form submission. This means you need to protect both paid and organic share of voice (OSOV) positions to a prospective buyer looking to solve a challenge and continue reminding prospects who already know about your company of your leadership in the space.

A well-built enterprise SEO program does just that, keeping you on top of search results for various types of queries (i.e. solution, comparison, information, purchase seekers and so on).

What a foundational search program involves

The most important concept about corporate search engine optimization is contextual relevance. To get results, your SEO partner needs to invest time into understanding the business, competitive landscape and audience search behavior. This will in turn enable you to not only accelerate demand generation forward but also assist with significant internal digital transformation.

Market research

Query segmentation

On-page improvement

Content creation

Technical optimization

Continuous reporting

Gain an unfair advantage with competitive analysis

Whether you’re playing in a well-established field or attempting to create a new category, your prospects have been long searching for the type of problem you’re promising to solve. The art of competitive insight is to find the in-market and search-only competition that is capturing your ideal prospects.

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Market research

Understand product search demand

After market research, we segment keyword research to benefit multiple teams, from content to demand generation. Phrase sets are matched against pages, landing pages, resource center assets and paid campaign groups. This drives maximum efficiency and often connects multiple departments to work in unison.

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Query segmentation

Maximize conversion with irresistible user experiences

Rapidly growing businesses typically haven’t built the site and resources to be compatible with search, accessibility or UX from the start. And as the business grows, these problems compound into low search visibility and poor user experience, leading to poor lead building. It’s common to have core pages not harvesting the correct keyword sets that help them surface on top of search results. 

An on-page improvement practice rehauls the page for better UX, content resonance and search visibility.

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On-page improvement

Purposeful content attracts leads and sways to convert

Most businesses have some sort of content creation practice in place, but it’s often disjointed. We’ll help you build a clear multiple-month editorial strategy that is driven by market demand. 

This way, your content teams aren’t creating “just blogs” but rather digital assets that appreciate over time.

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Content creation

Coding best practices help win share of voice

Beautiful design and frequent content creation won’t move your site forward unless it’s continually optimized for maximum speed via code efficiency, proper platforming and UX best practices.

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Technical optimization

Gain insight and pivot fast

Dashboards tailored to your program and competitor landscape are key to monitoring and adjusting for success. Once content and technical implementation are well underway, reporting is crucial for continuous project adjustments and pivoting with market demand.

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Continuous reporting
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In focus: The New Stack

The New Stack is the top DevOps and engineering news publisher. They needed foundational technology, UX and topic research done to reach more audiences with their technology news site.

  • Focus

    Focusing on technical SEO improvement paired with contextual research led to 300,000 more clicks and 27.8 million more impressions over 3 months.

  • Frame 309 (3)

    We worked with the development and editorial teams to identify solutions for critical problems and surface above the competition.

A 360* digital enablement perspective

When looking at the overall impact that an intelligent search team can have on the workings of your marketing team, it’s easy to understand that a connected approach drives value-creation beyond just counting impressions and click growth. In some cases, SEO can lead to staggering ROI both from operational efficiency and lead return perspectives.




Paid media and public relations

Partner management


Get complete marketing team alignment

A search-focused project involves all of the digital marketing team along with the product and sales teams. This means you’ll play a crucial role in building a centralized strategy with which everyone is onboard.

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Go from just writing to creating digital assets

A research-driven editorial calendar ensures purposeful content output and is crucial to building a healthy keyword base. Demand-driven B2B writing that is optimized for SEO turns blogs into appreciating digital assets as they rank for correct keywords and boost critical website pages to the top of search results.

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Faster web builds to keep up with business demand

An SEO initiative will help your marketing and development teams hone out internal workflows for faster web project delivery on business demand. This always results in a performance-first website, optimized to outrank the competition based on best practices in code cleanliness, accessibility and UX application. 

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Advertise in the right places, at the right time

Releasing PR wires is great and so is paying for media placement, but it’s often done sporadically and in generic sources. What an SEO program allows the CMO office to do is maximize both PR and media spending by identifying the sources from which the audience actually consumer information.

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Better partnerships with deeper context

Running a link-building project with your VARs allows you to gather a hyper-relevant backlink profile while enabling your team to build a better bond with your partners. It’s a win-win.

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Fill the sales funnel with more quality leads

A well-run search campaign is one of the top sales enablement tools to keep sales reps happy with more quality leads than what paid advertising can muster. An SEO initiative will often help you output better resonating product pages, landing pages and resource center assets, which in turn lead to more informed audiences and quality form submissions.

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Importance of organic share of voice (OSOV)

Winning at organic share of voice means all of the critical key phrases that your audience searches for are on average winnable by you. The more you expose your product pages, resources and doc center pages to a relevant audience, the more likely they are to reach out to you — the team on top of search results pages wins the market.

How we help you gain top positions over your competitors

  • Understanding gaps in your competitors’ digital strategies
  • Building a mass of content designed specifically to drive relevant traffic
  • Rebuilding your UX for core pages to be consumable and findable
  • Helping build or rebuild critical site elements for maximum performance for flawless user interactions with your website
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