White papers build authority

In order to build interest and deep influence in the B2B software technology industry, you need to be leading with internal and external research papers along with market analysis insights. Our research and writing group can help research, interview, write and design PDFs that your sales team will continually use throughout their sale cycle.

Case studies provide credibility

Attaining case studies is a tedious process, but we’ll help you simplify it. Whether working with a client, partner or building business cases, we’ll craft saleable pieces that help to boost your search rankings and sales team’s war chest.

On-page web content defines product

As your organization evolves, burning priorities will guide on-page copy updates, with the organic impact being the last to be considered. What this does is tank your rankings and help the competition get more SOV. We’re rather good at maintaining copy congruency and writing product marketing text while maximizing ranking impact.

Blog posts that rank in SERPs

B2B copy consumption is on the rise, yet most senior executives cite not being able to find material that aids them in decision-making. Steady business blogging is essential to help your audience discover, assess and make contact with your sales team. We’ll help you output blogs on a regular schedule.

Let’s Get to Writing
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B2B copywriting services

Copywriting reinforces SEO efforts while providing more quality SQLs to the sales team. Our B2B copywriting services include on-page, landing page and long-form article output. Our team will help put together persuasive copy that is preoptimized for search engine performance and, most importantly, tailored to your specific buyers.

SEO audit of your existing inventory

Did you know that you can significantly improve your search performance by simply optimizing the content you already have? SEO is heavily reliant on logical contextual relationships. If you’ve already built a wealth of knowledgebase topics, videos, blogs and landing pages, the first step we can take is to tune them for maximum organic exposure.

Keyword optimization for SEO

After launching a corporate website, other internal priorities tend to take the spotlight - leaving the site keyword structure neglected. We’ll research and provide the required keywords, mapped by page, to help outpace your competition and rank your most valuable pages in SERPs.

100% original content

This has to be said - our senior business writers do not rewrite or take any shortcuts when building a content inventory. All copy is owned by you. It's also run past multiple natural language processing and SEO tools to ensure compliance with your brand tone, voice, and sentiment.

Let’s Get to Writing

Persuasive SEO tailored copy builds SQLs

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Copyediting and landing page optimization go a long way

Your sales and advertising teams rely on killer landing pages, so why do many firms get it so wrong? Cookie-cutter templates are to blame. Imagine paying thousands of dollars for the Forrester or Gartner research papers to then lead people to a landing that might be a 404 page. That’s where we come in. Our team will research, write, optimize, design and develop performing pages to keep the sales and ads teams happy.

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The best business copywriting aligns with sales and marketing goals. Explore our essential services

Market intelligence

Prior to running any web initiative, whether it's a new site or an optimization, start with business goal alignment and competitive research. This approach will help you build a scalable tech stack that is both user and back-office friendly.

SEO audit and optimization

Deep crawling your website with our SEO toolset will help reveal more than on-page problems. We’ll help tackle core template and schema issues along with optimizing code to unlock better site performance.

Editorial calendar

In order to rank for essential keywords, you need to have an editorial calendar that positions your software and services based on online demand. A data-driven calendar will help you align sales, advertising and organic efforts.

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