Why is local search important?

Optimizing your Google My Business listing

Let’s start by optimizing your Google My Business profile to ensure you have verified your local address and updated service categories to be more in tune with how your ideal buyers search for your services. We’ll help maintain the right images, reviews, service posts, categories and contact center numbers.

Getting you listed in key directories

In order to help rank in local search listings, you'll need to list yourself in prominent directories. There are hundreds of local business directories online, but not all of them are worth the investment as they'll need continuous information upkeep. We'll help identify and manage the local directories and the Chamber of Commerce sites you should be part of and the type of text to actually post on them.

Using localized keywords

Contrary to all the misinformation about local search, it ISN'T that different from SEO best practices. Your strategy and tactics are just going to be region-specific from search intention research, business review sites and listing optimization to building content collaboration with local partners.

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Monitoring ratings and reviews

For local business listings, it's critical to show up on the top review sites like Google, Yelp, HomeStars and TrustPilot, to name a few. In order to gather reviews, you’ll need a methodical approach, which we can help drop in via email automation campaigns, on-site promotion and organic review snippets. The key here is local term focus. Identifying and nurturing key sources of leads are better than spreading your efforts thin.

Implementing mobile responsive design

Even if your site is tuned for local search, a poor mobile user experience will impact your search visibility and conversion rates - just have a quick read on Google's Core Web Vitals update. As more and more people use their phones to search, read, shop and communicate, it's critical to ensure flawless mobile device compatibility, design and navigation.

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Organic search insight improves local search strategy

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Localized SEO works best with out-of-the-box thinking behind it

Location-based search tactics aren’t new. With ample advice available online, why isn’t everyone on top of Google’s search results pages? That’s because it takes a sound organic strategy paired with smart technology, creative thinking and impactful content creation to improve local search rankings.

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A killer local SEO strategy starts with better tech

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The best local search services start with user experience in mind, explore essential packages

Web Development & Design

To ensure your local search campaign works wonders, you’ll first need to ensure to have a converting website built. A great site, unlocks more searchers to find you and convert faster.

SEO audit & optimization

Deep crawling your website with our SEO toolset will help reveal more than on-page problems. We’ll help tackle core template and schema issues along with optimizing code to unlock better site performance.

B2B Copywriting

Capitvating copy is an essential to compliment effective web design and page layout. Copy help the user relant to your services and get them to convert faster. Equally imporant, effective copy helps diqualify the wrong users from submitting forms to avoid sales reachout burn.

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