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Improve your B2B marketing and sales impact with a purpose-driven content calendar. We’ll help your team research, build and optimize content to target the various stages of a buyer journey. This way, you get complete alignment across your search, paid, email and sales campaigns.

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A high topic volume isn’t an indicator of popularity, relevance or intention. By utilizing the top search technology and research methods, we’ll help you identify the topics that matter most to your audience to satisfy their pain points. Our goal is to find the highest efficiency topics and provide them to your team pre-optimized for search.

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Building effective marketing editorial calendars is hard work. Having a content plan built two months or more in advance makes business sense to optimize and pre-plan your team’s time. We’ll help you outline and schedule your topics for release when they will most likely get the most awareness traction.

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In order to efficiently publish blog posts, articles and white papers, you’ll need a process in place. We’ll help your team drop-in proven enterprise-grade processes to maximize team efforts and eliminate layout and factual mistakes.

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The Productive team is made from a different type of cloth. This isn’t your typical agency. They’re a strategic partner. We were recommended by a partner in the Oracle ecosystem and engaged for SEO consulting initiative. What stood out is their understanding of our industry, the true context of it and how they ranked us above our competitors and in-category VARs. The detail orientation is staggering, and so is their continuous alignment with sales and product team goals. In all, we improved lead quality, content output, partner relations and optimized ad spend. Thumbs up.


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