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We work as an extension of your team to help optimize technology and get results

We’ll optimize your brand to attract, engage, convert and delight customers. Our suite of digital marketing services revolves around influencing audience behavior to drive them to your business. Long-term thinking is part of our DNA: we’re your partner, not an agency on a short-term retainer. Hiring us ensures you’ll be at the top of your industry and recognized as an authority.

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Problems we'll help you solve

Save business operation costs

Martech technology debt is a thing - a big thing. We'll help get you out of a fragmented ecosystem and to an effective well-connected marketing stack. This way, you can spend time on the things that matter, versus support activity.

Get meaningful data

Most companies do not have multi-touch attribution that is also easy to report on. We'll help you build dashboards that provide a clear picture of the impact your demand gen activities are having on the organization.

Drive transformation

In a world of ambiguous marketing initiatives, we'll help select, plan and execute on scope and track the post-project progress to ensure you get the results you were aiming for.


Your team of B2B consulting specialists

Imran Selimkhanov | Founder at Productive Shop


Сonsistently dreaming of the next martech toy to play with.

Anna Tymoshchuk | Co Founder at Productive Shop


Strategy & Operations
Ensuring everyone is on point and delivering on value.


Design Specialist
The screen is her canvas and the paintbrush is a stylus.


Editorial Specialist
A tech journalist & researcher by trade - and a killer business writer.

Mandy Ly | Digital Project Manager


Web Project Manager
A calligraphy specialist


Development Specialist
Bodybuilder at night, senior developer by day.

Jason Safavi | CTO at Productive Shop


Chief Technology Officer
Not to be confused with JavaScript Object Notation.

Momin Malik | B2B SEO Strategist


SEO Strategist
Pianist & Gamer.

Mimi Adelakun | B2B SaaS Copywriter


SaaS Copywriter
Thoroughly enjoying the best of California dreams.

Andre | SEO Specialist


Technical SEO Specialist
The invisible force behind the madness of all things search.


Design Specialist
The stylus is his paintbrush.

Yana Petrova | Paid Advertising at Productive Shop


Paid Advertising
A paid advertising pro and A/B test tinkerer.


Editorial Strategist
Researcher & writer extraordinaire.


B2B Technology Copywriter

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