It starts with a value-creation mindset

Productive Shop is a B2B digital marketing consultancy that builds and optimizes inbound marketing strategies to get your business found online and have your audience reach out to you. From initial strategy and web design to creating high-quality sales collateral, we ensure you get positive outcomes over your competition.

Problems we’ll help you solve

Save business operation costs

Martech technology debt is a thing — a big thing. We’ll help get you out of a fragmented ecosystem and to an effective well-connected marketing stack. This way, you can spend time on the things that matter versus support activity.

Get meaningful data

No one will ever explain a product better than your product team can. We’ll work with your copy team to build a tandem timeline and detailed content outlines built specifically to boost SEO content.

Drive transformation

Your PR budget could go a long way. We utilize our network of trusted publishers to maximize clean link-building efforts, which will help your brand build sway power.

Meet the team

Сonsistently dreaming of the next martech toy to play with.

Imran S

CEO & Founder

Ensuring everyone is on point and delivering on value.

Anna G

Strategy & Operations

Not to be confused with JavaScript Object Notation.

Jason S


A tech journalist & researcher by trade – and a killer business writer.

Vanessa N

Content Team Lead

The screen is her canvas and the paintbrush is a stylus.

Julia T

UI/UX Designer

Bodybuilder at night, senior developer by day.

Alexander M

Senior Developer

Classical music and demand generation

Momin M

SEO Lead & Project Manager

A paid advertising pro and A/B test tinkerer.

Yana G

Paid Advertising

When he's not researching SEO, he is reading and collecting books.

Momin S

SEO Consultant

Maria M


Dmytro D

Senior Ui/Ux designer

Valerii S

Full-stack developer


Umer W

Associate Consultant


Kristina R



Natalia P


Anthony K

Strategic partnerships & Sales


Petro S

UI/UX designer


Tina K

QA Specialist


Anna S

HR Specialist

Anton I

Anton I

Web Services Lead

Riley W

Content Writer

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