What is SEO lead generation?

What is SEO lead generator

SEO lead generation is the process of using search engine optimization strategies to attract and convert organic website visitors into potential customers or clients.

A 2023 report by Ipsos and LinkedIn found that B2B leaders are allocating 36% of their marketing budget towards lead generation. SEO is an invaluable tool for increasing B2B leads because, per Gartner, 71% of B2B buyers start researching the products and services they require with a generic Google search.

Effective SEO helps organizations build brand awareness and online share of voice. This visibility can help you bring more traffic to your website in the hopes of attracting prospects and nurturing them into leads. You can capture a lead, for example, when the user submits their email address to claim an offer or start a free trial with your business. Ideally, leads grow alongside your business and convert to your offered solutions and products.

A flow chart demonstrating how website visitors turn to contacts then leads and then customers

A flow chart demonstrating how website visitors turn to contacts then leads and then customers

How to generate leads with SEO

To generate leads from search, your SEO efforts need to integrate with your overall B2B marketing funnel strategy. You should output content that address your prospects’ needs, building trust and guiding them throughout the sales cycle.

For conversions, you will get better results by focusing on content that targets users in later stages of their buyer journeys. Here’s a breakdown:

Top of the funnel (TOFU) 

TOFU is the awareness stage where prospects are more interested in educating themselves in the particulars of the industry rather than becoming a customer. The best way to capture TOFU leads is to output consistent informational blog posts and glossary pages that foster authority and trust in your brand. 

Middle of the funnel (MOFU)

MOFU is the consideration stage, where leads are marketing qualified as they have repeatedly engaged with your website and trust your thought leadership. To nurture MOFU leads, output content that combines information and persuasion – such as case studies and survey results. 

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

BOFU is the decision stage where the leads are qualified. BOFU leads actively seek a product or service and will become paying customers when presented with solutions to their problems.

Tailor your BOFU content to use cases and the solutions your company offers. BOFU content must convince your leads that you provide the right products and services for their needs. Case studies and comparison landing pages make great BOFU content.

Steps to a successful SEO lead gen program

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Here’s how to get started with your B2B lead gen SEO program:

Identify and interpret the target audience 

Define your target audience — the industries, businesses, job titles and decision makers that your product is for. Understand your buyer personas’ pain points, needs and challenges to tailor your content accordingly. 

Keep in mind that Google aims to provide search results that align with user intent. Here’s an overview of how data intent drives sales

Research high-intent keywords and phrases 

High-buying intent keywords will vary based on the specific products or services and the characteristics of your ideal customer. High-intent search terms refer directly to the product or service category. Examples of keywords that indicate high buying intent include: 

  • Transactional keywords: These are high-intent keywords used by leads ready to purchase or sign up for a service. Transactional keywords indicate an intent to take an action and convert. They include terms like “buy,” “purchase,” “download” and more. 
  • Alternative keywords: Using alternative keywords is a helpful strategy to identify pain points. Noting the terms used when buyers search competitor products, such as “Salesforce vs Azure” or “QuickBooks alternatives,” indicate they are at the bottom of the funnel and shopping for solutions. 
    • Content such as comparison pages of competitor products against your own will address this pain point for buyers.

search intent scale from research to transactional intent

Publish resonating content at a regular base

Develop high-quality, informative and insightful content that directly addresses the customer’s pain points and provides actionable advice, tips and solutions in the piece. 

Equally important is to release content regularly, which helps you to expand and diversify your keyword base — and your rankings along the way. In fact, creating more content and posting more often is the number 1 tactic helping B2B marketers boost their rankings, according to the 2023 State of Content Marketing Report.

Create landing pages with CTAs

Develop dedicated landing pages for specific B2B services or solutions you offer. Ensure you tailor the landing pages to your B2B audience’s pain points and include clear CTAs. 

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Limits to measuring SEO leads 

Measuring the metrics from SEO lead generation is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Here are the challenges to consider:  

  • Attribution complexity: SEO is a part of lead generation and broader marketing strategies. Attributing specific leads or conversions to SEO can be challenging if users have interacted with multiple channels before converting. 
  • Multi-touch conversions: Many leads don’t convert after a single interaction with your website. Users can visit your site multiple times across different channels before converting, making it difficult to attribute the lead to a specific source.
  • Delayed results: SEO is a long-term strategy. It takes time for search engines to index new content and for rankings to improve.

Partner with us for SEO lead generation services 

Making the B2B sales funnel work to your advantage can be a complex and drawn-out process with hard-to-track results. Don’t let that discourage you from the power of using SEO for lead generation. If you need help, reach out to us.

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