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Easily add audio to your existing content

Built by Productive Shop for growing sites. Startups, publishers and influencers use our text to speech tool (AI voice generator) to add audio to blogs, pages and product pages. Let your audience listen to your content on the go.

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Compatible with your favorite platforms

Whatever your CMS, you can add the audio widget to sites built on popular platforms such as WordPress and WebFlow through custom builds. Either use our in-marketplace plugin or simply embed the audio from your account dashboard. In a crowded marketplace, you need to stand out, and providing your users with an easy way to listen to content is essential to engagement.

WordPress audio plugin

WordPress Audio

WebFlow audio add on

WebFlow Audio

Custom site audio embed logo

Custom Site Audio

Drupal audio widget

Drupal Audio

Wid audio add on

Wix Audio

Weebly audio add on

Weebly Audio

My customers can now listen to content on the go. It's also a great "final" retention feature to grasp their attention.

Why text to speech (TTS) is essential for websites

The most famous news sites are adding audio to their articles, so why can’t you? We made a premium feature — previously affordable by giants — now available to you, startups, influencers and bloggers. The TTS PRO is easily scalable as you grow your business.

  • Increase user engagement, especially for busy users
  • Easily create a library of audio files you can share on social platforms
  • Create a natural voice-over for your YouTube videos
  • Allow users to listen to your content on the go
  • Select from hundreds of voices to fit your brand personality

TTS software use cases

Did you know that it’s not just a text-reading app? Content creators use our text to speech tool to help proofread their copy, do voice-overs for videos and even enrich their social media calendar with fresh content.

Enable audio on your blogs

Review copy before publishing

Create voiceover for videos

Improve blog readability and shareability

Adding the audio reader to your blogs is simple and super quick — under a minute. By enabling the audio widget on your WordPress or any other CMS website, you’ll be able to engage users who may be too busy to read your post. You also allow them to quickly share the interactive content on their social channels.


Verify for the natural tone of voice

Reviewing copy before publishing is mandatory; however, what is often missed is aligning it with the conventional tone of voice. By enabling audio on articles, you’ll be able to listen to your drafts BEFORE your post them. This will help you find those nuanced moments to make your copy flow and resonate with your audience that much better.

Review blogs with audio
Create incredible voiceovers for YouTube videos or podcasts

Don’t have time to record yourself? No worries, your script reader will do it for you. Just whip together a script for your presentation slides, online course, product review or webinar, choose a voice and you’re ready to engage your audience. The best part? You can share your audio snippets with your audience within your courses, slides or web pages.

Script reader for videos
Woman using text to speech tool for content creation

Why text to speech (TTS) is essential for websites

Improve content engagement

Embed on any page, anywhere

Create videos or podcasts from scripts

Proofread for natural tone

Team account access

How to implement blog audio on your site

Get the plugin on the WordPress marketplace

Not on WordPress? It's OK! Embed automatically on your posts

Get the plugin on the WordPress marketplace

How to implement blog audio on your site

Get the plugin on the WordPress marketplace

Get the plugin on the WordPress marketplace

Not on WordPress? It's OK! Embed automatically on your posts


Frequently asked questions

What is an AI voice app?

An AI voice generator application reads on-screen text in any preselected tone, voice and language. Artificial intelligence allows you to turn your blogs, articles and video scripts into human-like audio files.

How does text to speech benefit my blog?

TTS technology helps engage your audience faster. Most people spend much less time consuming written content, so you need to capture their attention via audio and video instead. By having audio files embedded on your blog page, you have that one last chance to engage your audience who otherwise would have scrolled past or skipped the blog post altogether.

Can I select from various AI voices?

Yes. You can select from hundreds of AI-generated voices that sound just like a person. We ensured that you could select a voice that aligns with your brand personality. 

Is the blog audio reader instant speech?

Blog audio provides instant-play capability. All audio files embedded on your site will be instantly playable by users as the files get generated at the moment of embedding, not during playing (they are pre-ready).

Do you offer a free voice generator?

No. We use natural voices and cutting-edge technology to ensure your text reader delivers a flawless user experience.

Can business blogs use text to speech readers?

Business blogs must use text to speech (TTS) readers to help engage users. A B2B audience naturally expects the functionality to be available on your site as they got conditioned to see it on news and business news sites. Having a TTS reader displays business maturity, attention to user experience and technology-forward thinking.