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webp vs jpg vs png
#Advanced SEO

Using WebP for SEO in 2022

Should you care about WebP image updates to boost SEO? Google has shown a pattern of disliking pages with slow loading speed across the web. It wants websites to improve all possible aspects that might reduce loading times, so that every millisecond can be reduced, leading to a better user experience. Core Web Vitals and […]

By • March 27, 2022

find best seo strategist
#Advanced SEO

The Perfect SEO Strategist Position [2022 Update]

Finding a great SEO strategist is like hunting for a unicorn, but unlike unicorns, great search optimization minds do exist. So, to help you win on job board visibility and attract and select the right candidate, we’ve put together this not-so-short read. As my team consults B2B SaaS organizations in winning an organic share of […]

By • March 9, 2022


Blog post cover image depicting Portfolio Company growth via marketing initiatives
#B2B Marketing Campaigns

Growth Insight | Do marketing initiatives actually add value to PortCos?

Drink Pairing: Smoked Old Fashion “In the current environment, investors are learning that a penny saved is just a penny saved, and the ability to grow brands, accelerate new growth and find new sources of value are premium capabilities.” ~ Stephen Diorio, Director, Forbes Marketing Accountability Initiative Summary: Why are PE companies focused on growth […]

By • December 26, 2021

Blog cover image for setting up GSC for websites
#Beginner SEO

What Is Google Search Console? How to Use It for Your Website

If you want to get any traffic to your website, you have to compete with the 1.9 billion other sites out there. To help your site get more traffic, you should understand, “what is Google Search Console?” Google Search Console is useful for businesses of all sizes, and knowing how it works can make a massive difference. Then, you […]

By • December 25, 2021

Blog cover for SEO editorial calendar
#B2B Content Writing

How to Build a Killer B2B Editorial Calendar [steps included]

With the right B2B marketing strategy, you can generate millions in revenue. But organizing your content campaign is much easier said than done. How do you manage several teams across platforms? How can you keep track of everyone’s deadlines? With a B2B editorial calendar, producing timely content that generates results won’t just become an option, it […]

By • December 20, 2021


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