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The case:

Brinqa had the vision to create a website that effectively conveyed the advantages of their vulnerability remediation platform and addressed several challenges related to technical search engine optimization (SEO) and robot traffic that negatively impacted their engagement metrics. The company understood that the right website is crucial to maintaining a digital presence. They wanted the website to showcase their platform’s features and benefits while providing a seamless user experience.

The review

Trusted WordPress support and lead gen partner

“Productive Shop did an outstanding job rebuilding our website within three months. They listened to our needs and developed a custom solution that matched our brand identity perfectly. Their expertise in SEO was especially helpful, as they were able to optimize our site for search engines and improve our online visibility. Throughout the project, they provided responsive and proactive web support, which made the entire process seamless and stress-free. We are thrilled with the final result and are already building on top of it and graduating to a lead generation program. We highly recommend Productive Shop for their exceptional web development expertise and SEO consulting services.”


Dimitri Vlachos CMO

Dimitri Vlachos CMO


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    About the client

    Brinqa: The complete vulnerability risk management solution for the Fortune 1000

    Brinqa is a cyber risk management company that offers a comprehensive platform to help organizations identify, prioritize and remediate cybersecurity risks. The platform provides a unified view of an organization’s assets, vulnerabilities and threats, along with powerful analytics to assess risk levels and prioritize remediation efforts.

    Brinqa’s technology leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate risk assessment and response, reducing the time and resources needed to manage cyber risk. The company serves a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare and government — and is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations. With Brinqa’s platform, enterprises can confidently manage their cyber risk and attack surface, ensuring the protection of their critical assets and data.



    Mobile page experience increase



    Decrease in bot traffic

    3 months

    3 months

    To go live with a new custom theme tailored to organic performance
    (Dec 2022 - Feb 2023)



    Desktop page experience


    Performance results


    Focusing on efficient and  reliable website management

    Significantly reduced ticket response times

    Thanks to Productive Shop’s proactive and responsive approach, Brinqa was able to close web development tickets much faster. Unlike the previous vendor, who simply took orders via email and stuck to their maximum allotted service level agreement (SLA), Productive Shop actively sought to understand Brinqa’s needs and provided valuable insights and suggestions for improvement.

    This process led to faster problem resolution and minimized delays caused by miscommunication. A dedicated team of developers and a commitment to client success allowed us to streamline the web development process, resulting in quick ticket resolution times for Brinqa.

    Digital team operational efficiency

    Productive Shop’s redesign of the WordPress template significantly improved the user experience for Brinqa’s marketing and content teams. We optimized the new design for usability, making navigating the WordPress admin panel easier and reducing the likelihood of errors. This operational improvement allowed the teams to work more efficiently and with greater confidence, resulting in faster content creation and a more streamlined workflow.

    By improving the UX, Brinqa could fully leverage the power of WordPress, resulting in a faster product, solution, integration and article page creation. They can also go live immediately whenever sales and demand trigger a need.


    Meeting Google compliance  standards to improve technical SEO metrics

    3 months to successful launch

    Productive Shop successfully launched Brinqa’s website within a tight deadline of three months. Our team formulated a comprehensive strategy, effectively managed the development process and conducted rigorous quality assurance measures. Our commitment to providing clients with exceptional solutions was evident in the success of the website launch.

    technical SEO metrics

    Unique features and WordPress modules

    Productive provided Brinqa with dev support and developed custom WordPress features and modules tailored to their business needs. Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of their requirements, we were able to create a seamless user experience that enhanced their website’s functionality and improved their overall online presence.

    WordPress modules

    90% increase in mobile performance

    Productive Shop helped boost Brinqa’s mobile website performance by implementing various technical optimization techniques. As a result, Brinqa’s mobile website showed significant improvement in loading speed and user experience.

    mobile performance

    75% less bot traffic

    Productive assisted Brinqa in reducing robot traffic and improving the accuracy of engagement metrics. We leveraged our proficiency in website analytics to identify and eliminate robot traffic. As a result, the client’s website experienced improved accuracy in their metrics, leading to more informed decisions and a better user experience.

    bot traffic

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