Unit increases non-branded organic traffic by 180% with SEO for financial services

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The case:

Facing tough competition in search from new and established players, Unit sought to revamp their search engine optimization (SEO) for financial services. The goal was to improve Unit’s rankings for key terms in the financial services industry and boost their online share of voice as a result.

The solution:

Productive Shop created a strategic editorial calendar to help Unit establish search dominance for key industry terms. As part of our financial services SEO campaign for Unit, we solved technical issues on their website and helped to scale up their content by writing optimized guides and enriching resources with keyword structures.

Project name


The industry

Financial services


New York

Project duration

One year

Unit: A thought leader in embedded banking and lending

Unit is a financial infrastructure platform that enables tech companies to build banking and lending products into their offering. They streamline bank relationships and compliance obligations for their customers, making it simple to launch powerful financial features in weeks.

By educating prospective customers about the benefits of embedded banking and lending, Unit has become a leader in the industry. Thanks to their efforts in SEO for financial services, Unit has now extended the reach of their content even further — growing their website traffic and getting more demo request submissions as a result.

traffic increase case study


Increase in all traffic from July 2022 to March 2023

impressions increase case study


Boost in organic impressions from July 2022 to March 2023

product trial increase seo


Improvement in click-through rates for organic traffic

Performance results

Overcoming the unique challenges of SEO strategies for financial services

Tough industry competition

When we started this financial services SEO project, industry competitors were already ranking for many of our target keywords. These competitors regularly publish content in the embedded banking and lending space, contributing to their high ranks on Google search results page for several high difficulty keywords.

Strict legal and branding oversight

Like all technology platforms in the financial services sector, Unit must conform to hundreds of relevant laws and regulations. They place a high premium on brand style, voice and tone guidelines, seeing them as an important way to build trust with prospective customers. As a result, they can’t always optimize for recommended keywords or page structures. They also require extra time for legal and compliance oversight.

A financial services SEO program focused on authoritative content

The goal for this project was to bring more traffic to Unit’s blogs and guides while adhering to brand guidelines. After conducting market research, Productive Shop put together a strategic editorial calendar to help Unit move up in organic search rankings.

Writing with SEO in mind

As part of this strategy, we provided Unit’s writers with keyword research and SEO guidance to optimize new and existing content. We also helped to write and publish search-optimized content. Our writers interviewed Unit’s subject matter experts to ensure that the content was comprehensive, authoritative and in tune with brand guidelines.

By writing with SEO in mind, Unit was able to skyrocket critical keyword rankings in the financial services industry.

Increasing website traffic

Thanks to greater online visibility, Unit also increased overall website traffic by 20%. When taking into account only non-branded organic traffic, Unit registered an impressive 180% growth in a period of eight months.

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