QuotaPath’s organic search contributed to 14% of the total sales pipeline in 2023

Conversion rate optimization
SEO consulting
Editorial calendar

The case:

QuotaPath was stagnant in leads driven by organic traffic, facing fierce competition from players in the sales compensation software industry. They needed a strategic partner that could provide hands-on enterprise SEO services to help improve their organic go to market efforts.

The solution:

Productive Shop worked as an extension of their team — and not in a “just another vendor” fashion. We started with a 360* contextual audit and a deep requirements gathering cycle to understand what makes sales leaders buy and sales teams shortlist the company as the sales compensation solution of choice.

Project name


The industry

Sales compensation software


Austin, TX

Project duration


QuotaPath: The top sales commission software for tech companies

QuotaPath is revolutionizing the sales compensation process. To help attract compensation strategists, HR professionals, CFOs and sales leaders to QuotaPath’s website, Productive Shop identified key terms that resonate with key industry pain points.
By creating SEO-driven content enabling sales teams and management with efficient, transparent and motivating approaches to incentives and compensation structures, QuotaPath was able to not only foster thought leadership but also generate leads from organic search.


New top 3 positions gained in 12 months


Boost in organic impressions from Jan 2023 to Jan 2024


Increase in all traffic from Jan 2023 to Jan 2024


Representing 14% of the sales pipeline during the period

Performance results

Crafting a winning SEO strategy

Productive Shop developed an enterprise SEO strategy to increase QuotaPath’s online visibility, positing them as thought leaders and solution providers in the niche yet crucial domain of sales compensation and commission management keywords.

Editorial enablement

Productive Shop supported QuotaPath with a consistent editorial calendar targeting high-impact, niche-specific topics. Our team also advised on SEO writing best practices, ensuring that the content was not only relevant but also structured in a way that search engines love.

This approach helped QuotaPath outpace competitors for keyword visibility and establish a repeatable structure for content assets (FAQs, tables, proper headings, unique images etc). As a result, QuotaPath obtained No. 1 rankings for multiple pieces in less than 24 hours of publication.

Go live support

Productive also provided “all hands on deck” support when QuotaPath overhauled its website. As a true extension of their internal team, our consultants sat live with their internal team even during the weekend to test the website for bugs and offer guidance.

SEO results that speak for themselves

Top 3 rankings in 11 months


Productive Shop helped QuotaPath achieve 82 top 3 rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) within a span of just 11 months. The brand also surpassed 10K keywords ranking in the top 100.

QuotaPath was also able to save $21 to $35 of keyword spend with each organic click for a successful campaign to overtake the number 1 spot for “commission management.”

Growth in organic impressions


The development of a resonating content calendar helped QuotaPath to boost its search engine visibility. Organic impressions increased by 48% from July 2022 to March 2023 — reaching more than 2.1 million impressions in the period.

Traffic surge in just eight months


Refining meta tags, improving content relevance and ensuring keyword-rich, yet natural and engaging content, all helped to boost QuotaPath’s traffic. Website sessions grew 60% from Q1 through Q4 as a result of our enterprise SEO efforts.

Productive Shop also integrated a network of internal links, ensuring seamless navigation and enhancing user engagement across the QuotaPath website.

Future SEO directions for QuotaPath

Success with SEO requires continuous effort and adaption. Productive Shop will continue supporting QuotaPath with content planning, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and technical SEO. We’ll also be ensuring its website adheres to the latest standards and upcoming algorithmic shifts. This forward-thinking strategy encompasses a comprehensive understanding of Search Generative Experience principles, guaranteeing that QuotaPath’s online presence is not only compliant but also optimized for future search environment evolutions.

Our roadmap also includes a deep dive into site speed enhancements and mobile-first indexing, along with a strategic implementation of structured data. This approach is designed to fortify the technical infrastructure of QuotaPath’s website, making it more resilient and adaptable.

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