What is net profit margin (NPM)?

What is net profit margin (NPM)

Net profit margin (NPM) is a financial metric that measures the profitability of a business. NPM shows you how much of each dollar in revenue is left over after all expenses (e.g., taxes, interest, depreciation) have been deducted.

So how to calculate net profit margin? 

You just divide a company’s net profit by its total revenue, then multiply the value by 100. The result is the NPM expressed as a percentage. Let’s say a business generates $ 1M in revenue and has a net profit of $100K, then the net profit margin is 10%.

Net profit margin

How can marketing teams use the net profit margin metric?

Marketing teams can use this metric to inform decisions about pricing, promotions and product development — as well as the effectiveness of their marketing spending. 

  • By understanding the profitability of different products or services, you can determine which ones to prioritize and invest in.
  • By tracking changes in net profit margin ratio over time, you can assess the impact of your marketing campaigns on the company’s bottom line.

Which martech tools can help B2B teams improve NPM?

Here are a few tools that B2B teams can use as part of their marketing efforts to improve net profit margin:

  • HubSpot marketing hub helps teams manage leads, create content and track performance. This marketing automation tool offers detailed analytics on website traffic, lead generation and customer interactions. 
  • Semrush provides data and analysis of a company’s online presence. It helps marketing teams identify keyword opportunities, optimize their content for search engines and analyze competitor data.
  • Google Analytics offers insights into a company’s website traffic, user behavior and conversion rates. Marketing teams can use this data to pinpoint areas of the website that need improvement, such as slow loading pages, high bounce rates or low conversion rates

These martech tools provide detailed data and insights into website performance and user experience, helping you identify areas where you can optimize marketing campaigns to improve performance. In other words, these solutions can help marketing teams in their demand and lead generation efforts – key to increasing revenue.

Which role is responsible for tracking net profit margin?

Net profit margin is tracked by company management, investors, financial analysts, lenders and creditors to evaluate profitability, financial health and make informed decisions. With the marketing team, it’s typically the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who is responsible for tracking this profitability ratio.

The CMO is responsible for ensuring that marketing efforts are aligned with business goals and objectives, including optimization of the marketing budget to ensure that resources are being used efficiently and effectively to drive revenue and improve profitability.

Frequently asked questions on net profit margin

Why is net profit margin important?

The net profit margin calculation is important to indicate how efficiently a company is using its resources to generate profit. A high NPM indicates that a company is generating a large profit relative to its revenue, which is a sign of strong financial health.

What is a good net profit margin?

The assessment of a “good” net profit margin varies depending on factors such as industry, company size, business model and economic conditions. Generally, a higher net profit margin is considered favorable as it indicates greater profitability and efficiency. However, industries with high operating costs, such as manufacturing or retail, tend to have lower net profit margins compared to industries with lower costs, such as software development or consulting.

To get a sense of what can be considered a good net profit margin, you should compare a company’s margin with its industry peers or historical performance. This approach allows for a better understanding of how the profitability ratio measures up and whether the company is performing well relative to its competitors.

How can you improve net profit margin?

To improve net profit margin, companies can focus on increasing revenue, reducing expenses and optimizing their operations. As part of their marketing efforts, B2B teams should look for ways to attract and retain qualified leads

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