SaaS Alerts grows organic traffic by 85% with SEO

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The case:

SaaS Alerts was facing competition from other players in the SaaS security industry. This cybersecurity company wanted to leverage SaaS SEO to increase non-branded traffic and defend rankings for branded keywords. The primary goal was to build website credibility and scale content efforts to attract and convert leads.

The solution:

Productive Shop built a resonating editorial calendar targeting different stages of the buyer journey. Working closely with SaaS Alert’s subject matter experts, our team output search-optimized blog posts and comparison landing pages that helped to increase online visibility, website traffic and authority for SaaS Alerts.

Project name

SaaS Alerts

The industry

SaaS cybersecurity


North Carolina, US

Project duration

7 months (ongoing)

SaaS Alerts: An automated cybersecurity platform for MSPs

SaaS Alerts offers managed service providers (MSPs) a high-margin and purpose-built platform to enhance their existing cybersecurity offerings. The monitoring, alerting and automated response engine of SaaS Alerts enables MSPs to detect SaaS security threats and stop unauthorized activity automatically. 

SaaS Alerts: An automated cybersecurity platform


Improvement in CTA clicks for free trial from July 2023 to January 2024


Increase in organic traffic from July 2023 to January 2024


Improvement in website clicks from July 2023 to January 2024

Performance results

Our winning approach to SEO for SaaS security

On-page SEO recommendations

After conducting a website audit, our SaaS SEO consultants identified opportunities to fine-tune meta titles and descriptions to ensure that users receive concise and compelling snippets on search engines, increasing the likelihood of attracting organic clicks.

By strategically using heading tags (H1, H2, H3 etc.) and internal links as part of the SEO efforts, SaaS Alerts improved the user experience, making the content more digestible and accessible to readers. This type of optimization also contributed to better indexing and ranking for relevant keywords.

Productive Shop also implemented canonical tags to help search engines understand the primary version of a page, in scenarios where similar or identical content was accessible through multiple URLs. By doing so, we streamlined the indexing process and consolidated the ranking signals for a particular page, ultimately enhancing its visibility and relevance in search engine results.

On-page SEO recommendations

Editorial calendar tailored to SaaS cybersecurity

Leveraging our expertise in SEO for SaaS companies, we conducted comprehensive research on the cybersecurity industry, MSPs’ buyer journey and SaaS Alerts’ competition to identify the key organic keywords that potential customers were searching for. 

Then we put together a list of high-impact topics to address MSPs’ pain points and educate them about SaaS Alerts’ solution. We included comparison pages in the editorial calendar to not only defend SaaS Alerts’ primary branded keywords but also target the branded keywords of competitors.

Editorial calendar tailored to SaaS cybersecurity

SEO SaaS content writing empowered by subject matter expertise

Our content writing team interviewed the subject matter experts at SaaS Alerts to delve deep into the SaaS security landscape. We reviewed case studies, reports and product demos to understand the challenges and motivations of MSPs and shaped our B2B SaaS content efforts to address their needs.

This understanding allowed our team to create SEO-driven SaaS content that struck a balance between providing educational information and clear insights into how SaaS Alerts could effectively address their security concerns. These resonating blog pages saw a 336% increase in impressions from July 2023 to January 2024.

SEO SaaS content writing

Focal points of our SaaS SEO strategy

Increasing online keyword visibility

Productive Shop conducted in-depth keyword research and analyses of competitors’ keyword strategies, identifying gaps and opportunities for SaaS Alerts. We also integrated long-tail keywords into our SaaS SEO campaign as a way to cater to specific search intents, often resulting in higher conversion rates.

Armed with a list of relevant and high-intent keywords, our team optimized SaaS Alerts’ content and positioned them as a thought leader in the SaaS security industry. The consistent appearance in search results for industry-specific queries improved the company’s brand perception.

Graph showing an increase in visibility of SaaS Alerts

Improving the organic traffic

SaaS Alerts saw an increase of 62% in their overall impressions and 85% in their total website traffic. Improved organic traffic signals that the content resonates with the target audience. 

As users spend time on the SaaS website and explore various cybersecurity content marketing resources, the likelihood of converting them into leads increases significantly. Our combined SEO and content efforts of conducting keyword research, optimizing meta tags, creating compelling content and using clear CTAs led to a 113% increase in the CTA clicks for free trial.

Improving the organic traffic

Ranking for comparison pages

Our SaaS SEO agency curated comparison pages not merely as promotional tools but as comprehensive resources designed to enable buyers to make informed decisions. We interviewed the sales team, reviewed competitor matrix decks and targeted competitors’ branded keywords to showcase SaaS Alerts as a viable alternative and intercept potential leads searching for competitor solutions. 

By securing ​the first position in the search engine results page for a series of critical pages, SaaS Alerts outshone competitors and established brand dominance in the SaaS security industry.

Saas Alerts ranks at the top for the comparison page against Liongard

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