Sedna boosts organic traffic by 200% with SEO for supply chain lead generation

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The case:

With little to no organic traffic outside of branded searches, Sedna wanted to leverage search engine optimization (SEO) for supply chain lead generation. The goal was to find and rank for high-converting keywords in an industry that was just starting to build an online presence — a strategy to help Sedna build thought leadership, attract prospects and nurture leads.

The review

“Our partnership with Productive Shop’s SEO and content teams has been very successful.  They helped us optimize our website and create a highly targeted editorial calendar focussing on content that speaks directly to the needs of our buyer personas. We were impressed by the quality of the content output by their writers, helping us to scale our efforts and boost our search visibility. And more importantly, we were able to increase our number of organic conversions, a great sign that we were outputting content that resonated with our audience. I’d highly recommend Productive Shop for any B2B SaaS company hoping to build a foundational SEO program.”

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Digital marketing manager at Sedna

Table of contents
    About the client

    Sedna: The data-driven email management software for the entire supply chain

    Sedna is an AI-powered email management solution built specifically for maritime and supply chain logistics organizations participating in global trade. Sedna’s platform Stream makes communication efficient and impactful by automatically organizing your inbox, supercharging search capabilities and integrating with your software stack to reduce system fatigue and automate data transfer.

    Homepage of Sedna


    New first-page rankings for non-branded keywords from Q4 2023 to Q1 2024


    Boost in organic search impressions from Q4 2023 to Q1 2024


    Growth in non-branded organic search traffic from Q4 2023 to Q1 2024


    Increase in leads coming from organic search from Q4 2023 to Q1 2024


    Growth in non-branded rankings, organic traffic and conversions


    Increasing the online share  of voice in a niche industry

    Organic search visibility

    Before starting working with Productive Shop, Sedna’s rankings came mostly from branded keywords. Sedna needed help to uncover high-performance B2B search terms that could help attract its buyer personas to its website.

    Technical optimization

    Sedna needed to improve its website health, including mobile performance, in order to enhance user experience and rankings. Search engines prioritize websites that offer a seamless and intuitive browsing experience, ultimately influencing visibility and competitiveness in the SERPs.

    Content scalability

    In order to build thought leadership and online share of voice, Sedna needed to release new content more frequently on its website. By partnering with Productive Shop’s writers, Sedna scaled the number of SEO content pieces published every single month.

    Sedna case study challenge section

    Leveraging SEO for logistics and supply chain

    Productive Shop conducted an SEO audit and competitive analysis research in order to create a demand and lead generation strategy to help Sedna succeed in a niche industry that is quickly digitizing and going online.

    Content output to help buyers navigate their maritime digital transformation

    Productive Shop systematically identified pain points encountered by Sedna’s buyer personas and wrote SEO-optimized content that resonated with their needs. By interviewing Sedna’s subject matter experts, we learned that many of their present and potential customers are actively digitizing their systems. To better enable Sedna’s sales team with resources to nurture prospects, Productive put together a digital transformation playbook guiding maritime organizations through the entire digitization process.

    Leveraging SEO example

    SEO landing pages to convert supply chain and logistics personas

    Our B2B SEO strategy for supply chain lead gen included the optimisation of dedicated landing pages for Sedna’s personas (e.g., port agents, freight forwarders, charterers and shipbrokers). All these pages were optimized for bottom-of-the-funnel keywords that buyers in the supply chain, logistics and shipping industry would likely be searching for. This way, we were able to directly reach out to prospects and address the ways Sedna could solve their specific problems.

    Leveraging SEO example

    Technical fixes to improve website performance

    At the beginning of this project, Sedna’s website faced numerous core web vitals issues, particularly LCP and page speed issues. By minimizing the CSS and optimizing images across the website, Productive was able to help Sedna meet Google’s standards for technical performance.

    Leveraging SEO example

    More organic conversions in the supply chain industry

    With SEO for supply chain lead generation, Sedna not only increased its online share of voice but also increased conversions.


    Increase in conversions from organic traffic


    Creating thought leadership content that resonates with the buyer personas and educates on the value proposition of Sedna’s platform contributed to an increase in leads coming from search.

    Growth in organic non-branded traffic


    By getting help from Productive’s writers to scale the publication of high-quality content optimized for SEO, Sedna was able to attract more visitors to its website.

    More traffic to content resources


    The combination of a robust library of in-depth content and a well-executed internal linking strategy enabled Sedna to increase website engagement.

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