Http error: 307 – Temporary Redirect

307 - Temporary Redirect

A 307 temporary redirect is a status code that tells a web browser to load a different page than the one it initially requested. This can be useful in a number of situations, such as when a website is moved to a new server or when pages are updated.


The cause of a 307 code is typically due to a website being moved to a new server. However, it can also be caused by pages being updated on the current server. In either case, the fix is typically to update the DNS records for the website so that visitors will be directed to the new server or pages.


An example of a 307 code would be if you were trying to visit and the DNS records pointed to a new server. In this case, the web browser would load the new server’s homepage instead of


The difference between the 307 and 302 redirect is that the 307 code is a temporary redirect, while the 302 code is a permanent redirect. A permanent redirect will typically be used when a website is moved to a new server, while a temporary redirect may be used when pages are updated on the current server.

RFC#: 7231 Section 6.4.7