Http error: 415 – Unsupported Media Type

415 - Unsupported Media Type

A 415 http status code is an error code that indicates that the server is unable to support the content type of the request. This is usually due to the server not being configured to support the specific content type. For example, if you are trying to access a file that is in a format that the server does not recognize, you will receive a 415 status code.


The relevancy of the 415 http status code in SEO is that it can cause your pages to be not indexed by search engines. This is because the content type of the page is not supported by the server, and thus, the search engine is unable to index the page.


An example of a 415 status code is if you try to access a .png file on a server that only supports .jpg files. The server would return a 415 status code, indicating that the content type is not supported.

RFC: 7231 Section 6.5.13