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The case:

This client was facing immense pressure in the password management market and was looking to reverse its downward trend of search clicks and leads from Google.

The solution:

Productive built an SEO program focused on the creation of thought leadership content, optimization of key pages and implementation of technical SEO fixes.

The industry

Password management

Company headquarters

Midwest, United States

Project duration

8 months

Active action to take down the competition and increase clicks, impressions and leads

The password management industry sees intense competition and rival pressure within their top keyword clusters. All competitors seek to compare each other through self-published “competitive pages.” It was essential for the client’s enterprise SEO strategy to publish these pages and win against the competitors — not only to gain new customers but also to take away those who would choose a rival company.



Increase in organic traffic



Increase in user impressions in 6 months

Increase in resource downloads and email collection


Increase in resource downloads and email collection



Increase in demo signups

Performance results

The top SEO challenges we faced — and how we overcame them

Decline in traffic and low keyword base

Due to a non-optimal level of rankings in search engines, the client’s website was declining in impressions and clicks. Without search engine optimization, the drop in traffic would have continued, and the required leads from organic search would not have been achieved.

In order to go against competitors’ content, the targeted keyword cluster needed a structured writing process. Productive Shop’s content team then built a strategic editorial calendar and output 8 thought leadership blog posts per month — all with SEO in mind.

The result? The client was able to meet the competitive landscape’s level of content output and quickly beat them in critical rankings – boosting its website traffic as a result.

Technical SEO issues

When Productive Shop came on board, the client’s website was facing significant load time and other technical SEO issues. These issues pertained to classic Core Web Vitals, including Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

Productive Shop identified that elements on the client’s website were causing page experience to appear negative in the eyes of GoogleBot — the crawler that extracts page information. After Productive Shop provided the next steps in remediation, the company was able to implement fixes, leading to a significant increase in “good URLs” (URLs that match Google’s standard guidelines).

Better rankings are critical to new customer acquisition

With Productive Shop, the client saw the total amount of pages and their keywords count and harvesting increase significantly.

Our impactful SEO strategy included:

Page enrichment

By adding high-intent keywords to the existing solution and product pages, Productive Shop helped these pages to rank higher on the SERPs. These efforts led to increased customer acquisition without the need to create new pages from scratch.

Internal linking

A deep internal contextual web of links is essential to any successful search engine strategy. Productive Shop provided the client’s team with internal links that increased the equity spread across the URLs. This effort helped to increase generalized rankings.

An effective SEO strategy is synonymous with demand gen success

This quick recovery for the client was aligned with internal marketing goals for the year.

Increased goal tracking and SEO attribution in Google Analytics

Productive’s targeted SEO efforts contributed to an increase in the total leads generated — quickly attributed through fine-grained goal tracking in Google Analytics. The client’s demand generation team was able to view the results regularly and compare them with previous periods to understand the value of Productive’s strategy and execution.

Clear visibility of results through updated dashboards

Productive Shop provided the company’s team with easy-to-access reporting dashboards. Clear visibility into tagged and clustered keyword performance enabled the client to spend its internal teams’ resources on important goals.

Demo clicks, demo requests and email gatherings

The SEO strategy rendered not only an increase in demo clicks and demo requests but also general visits to whitepapers and other gated resources. As a result, the client was able to gather emails from prospects. These emails were then used for email marketing purposes, contributing to lead generation.

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