Http error: 207 Multi-Status

207 Multi-Status

The 207 Multi-Status code is a HTTP status code that indicates that the request was successful and the information returned is provided in the message body. The 207 code is similar to the 200 code, but it also includes a list of any sub-requests that were made as part of the main request. This can be useful for debugging purposes or for keeping track of what actions were taken as part of a request. 


The cause of a 207 code is usually due to a buggy server or client. It can also be caused by incorrect settings on either the server or the client. To fix a 207 code, you will need to check the settings on both the server and the client and make sure that they are configured correctly. You may also need to update the software on either the server or the client. 


An example of a 207 code would be if you made a request to a server and the server returned a list of all the sub-requests that were made as part of that request.