Http error: 302 Found

302 Found

302 redirects are a response code returned by a web server when it is redirected to another page. A 302 status code indicates that the page you are trying to access has been temporarily moved. 


The most common cause of a 302 redirect is an outdated link or bookmark. When a web server returns a 302 status code, it is also returning a Location header. This header tells the browser where to find the new page. 


Here is an example of a 302 redirect: 


If you try to access, you will be redirected to The server returns a 302 status code and a Location header with the new page’s URL.


If you are the owner of a website, you can fix 302 redirects by updating your links and bookmarks. You can also contact the webmaster of the site that is linking to your outdated pages and ask them to update their links.


RFC#: 7231 Section 6.4.3