Http error: 402 – Payment Required

402 - Payment Required

A 402 status code indicates that the client needs to pay in order to access the requested resource. This is similar to a 401 Unauthorized error, but the difference is that a 402 Payment Required error cannot be corrected by simply resubmitting credentials. Instead, the client needs to take action to correct the payment issue before accessing the resource again.


402 Payment Required errors can be caused by a number of factors. The most common cause is that the client’s account with the resource provider is either past due or has been canceled. Other causes include insufficient funds or problems with the payment method being used.


To fix a 402 Payment Required error, the client needs to take action to correct the payment issue. This could involve contacting the resource provider to arrange for payment or updating the payment method being used. Once the payment issue has been resolved, the client should be able to access the resource again.


Here is an example of a 402 Payment Required error:


“402 Payment Required. You must pay to access this resource. Please contact the resource provider for more information.”

RFC #: 7231 section 6.5.2