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Upaya Solution is a premium (5-star) NetSuite implementation vendor that provides professional services and purpose-built apps for accounting teams. Upaya also has a suite of solutions built for industry-specific use cases, which integrates with the ERP ecosystem, from 1099 reporting and Salesforce integrations to eCommerce connections. Upaya is the leading host of regular intermediate and advanced training sessions to help controllers and accounting managers get an expert grasp of their financial software ecosystem.


Upaya Solution


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Increased Leads (goal completions)


Increased Online Traffic


Decreased Bounce Rate


Aggressive OEM & VAR competition from much bigger firms. Paid budget restrictions. Short schedule to perform.

Aggressive competition and tight 2020 impacted budget:

You see, the NetSuite consulting industry has a low entry barrier (just like SEO). Every other accountant or developer who has ever worked in a company that used NetSuite ERP can label themselves an ERP implementation specialist.

This reality leaves certified, professional agencies that actually help enterprises improve their financials, such as Upaya Solution, battling for the attention of the right buyers.

So what do you do with hoards of tenacious competitors? We got together to utilize the product and sales teams’ contextual knowledge and mapped it to audience intentions.

This approach helped the team hone in on 124 keywords split across awareness and SQL generating methodology.

Continue using the same CMS:

Not all companies can move their site to a more performing content management system (CMS), so you have to find a way to optimize what you’ve got.

We analyzed conversion flow data and rebuilt the sitemap from the ground up while focusing on UX quick wins via layout fixes. This approach helped us optimize for on-site conversion metrics while building the infrastructure needed for long-term search gain.


An increase of 66.14% goal completions. Basically, more prequalified leads for the sales team to munch on.

Increased online traffic by 27.86%:

We started by identifying the top SEO competent rivals that Upaya needed to conquer or get very, very close to. At first phase completion, we’ve beaten 3 competitors in search visibility.

So why is that so significant? Once your SEO foundation is built, it isn’t hard to start ranking above industry players three times your size.

Continue using the same CMS:

Not all companies can move their site to new environments because internal projects, technology, budget, and time constraints all play a factor. So this project was highly focused on solving underlying and often hidden technology fixes required to unlock maximum search potential.

Increased sessions by 21.24% and lowered the bounce rate by 84.66%:

By focusing on outputting high-quality on-page and on-blog content, we were able to attract the right people to the website. And when they landed on pages, they found resonating content focused on solving their pain points.

Increased leads by 66.14%:

We were able to capture more leads by focusing on improving the layout and the CTA positioning that is more likely to be clicked on by an audience with a financial background.

But it’s more than UX optimization. By having the highest possible visibility of the most important key terms on SERPs, we are able to attract the right people to click through to the correct webpage. is more likely to be clicked on by an audience with a financial background.

Saved the PPC monthly spend by $3,800:

B2B and PPC don’t often mix well. That’s simply due to longer sales cycles having an impact on momentary expectations to which paid ads are typically attributed.

At the project start, Upaya did not have effective, visually compelling landing pages mapped to the keywords being bid on. So we saved a couple of thousand dollars per month by porting advertising dollars into content creation and UX fixes first.

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