Http error: 204 No Content

204 No Content

The 204 No Content status code indicates that the server has successfully processed the request and that there is no content to return. This status code is typically used for DELETE or PUT requests, where the client is expecting the server to do something with the provided data, but does not need to receive any response back.

A common cause of a 204 No Content status code is when the server receives valid data from the client, but there is nothing to do with that data. For example, if you DELETE a resource that no longer exists. Another cause could be when the client PUTs valid data to a URL that doesn’t currently exist, in which case the server may create the resource at that URL.

If you see a 204 No Content status code in your SEO tool, it generally means that there is no content on the page that the tool can index. This could be because the page is empty, or because it’s a DELETE or PUT request where the server isn’t returning any content. If you’re not seeing the content you expect on a page, check the server response code to see if it’s a 204 No Content. You can also try fetching the page in a browser or using a different SEO tool to see if the content is there.

In most cases, a 204 No Content status code is not something you need to worry about from an SEO perspective. However, if you’re seeing a lot of 204s in your log files, it could be an indication that something is wrong with your website or server setup. If you’re worried about the impact of a 204 No Content status code on your SEO, you can always contact an experienced web developer or SEO professional for help.

RFC#: 7231 Section 6.3.5

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Imran Selimkhanov | Founder at Productive Shop

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